Granite Industrial Gases provides a wide variety of industrial gases. All of which, can be filled or exchanged here on cite or at your location. At Granite we understand that projects don't always go as planned, so in an effort to make the job go  smoother, we offer same day and emergency deliveries.

24 Hour

Welding & Fabrication

 Granite Industrial Gases operates a fully functional and state of the art welding and fabrication shop. Bring the job to our experts or we can bring the experts to you, either way if you can think it  we can create it.

Equipment & Machine

service & repair

 At Granite Industrial Gases we know you like to get the most out of your equipment. Often the difference between getting the job done and putting the job down is broken equipment. Bring your equipment back to working order with Granite; let us service or repair the equipment that lets you get the job done.

The Granite Protector

Shelving & Rack Repair

Repair or replace existing rack systems that have been damaged by forklifts, pallet jacks, weathering, or misuse. Damaged shelving can pose a threat to workplace safety and cause costly clean up when they fail. Reinforce shelving bases and install custom guards for preventative protection. 

The Granite Protector

Custom Guards

Accidents happen; using heavy equipment can be tricky and often corners are bumped and clearances are forgotten. Take precautions and install guards around shelving bases, electrical  boxes, manifold systems, sprinkler systems, and sprinkler heads. If you can't find a guard to fit a particular area, we can create a custom guard to suit your needs.

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